AI defined ingredients that don’t cost the earth.

We’re twig.

We’re a bioengineering company. And we’re here to change the future of consumer goods with AI defined sustainable ingredients that don’t cost the earth.

Grab a bottle, box or container and have a squint at the small print. There you’ll find the biggest little ingredients that make the world go round.

Take palm oil, for example. It keeps your lipstick slick and your instant noodles tasty. But it’s also driving the destruction of our forests.

Or there’s isoprene, which keeps the show on the road. Literally, because your car tyres are made with it. But that requires the extraction of dirty fossil fuels.

These are just two of hundreds of unsustainable ingredients. We can’t do without them, yet we can’t go on like this.

Our world deserves better: bioengineering is the solution

We’re using AI for good. With our bioengineering and automation platform, we do things differently, rebuilding the biggest little ingredients the world relies on at lightning speed. Using microbes as miniscule factories, we can make hundreds of different ingredients in a clean and sustainable way, fit for the future.

It’s called precision fermentation.  

Fermentation has been around for ages – it makes that yoghurt in your breakfast bowl, and the refreshing beer you open at the end of a long day.  

twig’s platform brings the precision. Our technology allows us to create the microbes that can grow all of the ingredients we rely on every day.

Here’s how it works:

Our investors

We’re proud to have a fantastic group of impactful and committed investors as part of our journey to build our products. If you’re an investor that wants to create ingredients that don’t cost the earth then get in touch.

Our partners

twig partners with great companies, universities and funding bodies to drive bioengineering innovation