twig:tech is our proprietary technology developed by our science and tech teams. Each of the three pillars is built to deliver high performing strains that deliver the products we need.

Our unique approach integrates machine learning into how we run our experiments, constantly feeding every bit of data we generate back into the next experiment.

A breakthrough for bioengineering

Bioengineering is the solution to our dependence on unsustainable ingredients. It aims to cultivate those ingredients from bacteria, rather than extracting them from the ground or sea, or producing them with fossil fuels. But current bioengineering methods cost too much, take too long, and come with little chance of success. Step forward twig:tech – a better way to discover the clean ingredients that’ll change the world.

Our AI runs through everything we do. It sets the direction of our product rootmap. It streamlines our lab operations and data collection. It defines our analysis and our commercial decisions. And it’s what makes us different to everyone else.

Our twig:tech platform


Our best-in-class strain tool allows us to accurately create tens of thousands of pathway combinations in one go, creating an ever-growing library of standardised DNA parts. All of our strains are stabilised for continuous fermentation from day one.


Dependable, programmable and scalable robotics. Thanks to this, we can manipulate and analyse tens of thousands of bacteria variations each month, providing us with the fuel for our ML:Bridge engine.


The brains of the operation. You can think of it as an always-evolving feedback loop. It crunches the numbers and connects the dots, extracting insight from every experiment. It tells us what’s working and where to go next.

Bioengineering:Better - our guiding principles to discover ingredients that don’t cost the earth

AI defined bioengineering

We don’t focus on just a single ingredient. Projects that do tend to be a lottery – lots of investment with crossed fingers that it will pay off.  Instead, we use machine learning to leverage biology. Inside microbes is a network of metabolic pathways. Our ML:Bridge is purpose-built to understand this network, analysing connections and delivering multiple ingredients across linked pathway sections.

Results over contracts

We don’t offer a “strain as a service” solution. We aren’t here to optimise the work of others.  It leads to an over-reliance on scientific opinion rather than data. We work best when we let ML:Bridge do the talking. It’s an approach that saves time, reduces risk and leads to proven results. If there’s a sustainable ingredient you need, then talk to us and we’ll let you know whether our twig:tech can create it.

Ready to scale

We won’t take an ingredient strain to market unless we’ve proven that it delivers.  This means demonstrating a high enough yield – at a low enough price – to be preferable to existing ingredients.  And at a scale to meet consumer demand.  We need great relationships with our customers to realise our vision, so we won’t deliver anything we’re not 100% confident in.